Application Procedures

How to prepare RTI Application?

A citizen can file RTI Application (in Urdu or English) on a plain paper or on prescribed application form stating as follows;

  • The name of the public body with office where requisite information is held / parked,
  • The particulars of PIO concerned, if known,
  • The particulars of head of administrative unit, if known,
  • Precise detail of requisite information,
  • The information includes certified copy, mere inspection of a document and a query, 
  • Since the time limit for provision of information is 14 days therefore, reasonable quantity of information which can be provided within 14 days may be requested through one RTI application,
  • Avoid unnecessary details or reasons for obtaining information (law does not require to state reasons),
  • Indicate the requisite form for getting information (hard / soft copy, electronically, CD, physical inspection etc.)
  • Name and mailing address / contacts (telephone, e-mail etc.)


How to submit RTI Application?

  1. By hand in the office of PIO
  2. Through resitered post addressed to PIO
  3. To forward electronically

Sample RTI Application

Possible Actions

A Public Information Officer (PIO) can take following actions on your RTI application:

  • To provide you the information you requested (in the format you asked for) along with a certificate (dated, stamped and signed by PIO) stating that the information is correct,
  • To inform you in writing if the requisite information cannot be provided for being exempted under section 13 of the Act (or some other reason, e.g. it could not be found),
  • To inform you that the requisite information is in custody of another public body. In such cases, the PIO has to transfer your RTI application to the public body concerned u/s 11 of the Act and to inform you in writing.

You will get information as per the following timelines:  

Within 14 working days of receipt of application
PIO (Public Information Officers)
Additional 14 days if so required 
Responding to Urgent RTI Requests(if life or liberty of a person at stake) PIO (Public Information Officers)
Timeline Responsibility
Within 2 working days of receipt of application PIO (Public Information Officers)