Informational Bodies

The Punjab Transparency and RTI Act applies to a range of public bodies including:

  • Government departments (e.g. departments of Education, Health & Local Government)
  • Attached departments (e.g. Highway Department, Punjab Police, Directorate General Public Relations)   
  • Autonomous bodies (e.g. Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi Development Authority)
  • Local governments (e.g. your Tehsil Municipal Administration)
  • Statutory bodies set up under a provincial law (e.g. the Punjab Ombudsman Office, Punjab Public Service Commission)
  • The courts (e.g. Lahore High Court)
  • The Punjab Assembly (e.g. your MPA)
  • The Secretariat of the Governor of Punjab
  • Any Board, Commission, Council or other body substantially financed by the Government.  

Special institutions, companies of the Government and NGOs that are substantially financed by the Government are also covered under the law.