Powers and Authority

The Punjab Information Commission receives complaints and takes action on one or more of the following RTI implementation related issues:

  • Wrongful denial of access to information
  • Non-provision of information within stipulated time
  • Refusal to receive and process the request from an applicant
  • Furnishing false, misleading or incomplete information
  • Charging fee or cost for provision of information in excess of the amount prescribed under the Act
  • Deliberate destruction of information or obstruction to avoid disclosure of requested information
  • Failure of a public body to implement the provisions regarding proactive disclosure
  • Violation of any other provision of the Act by a public body
  • After the examination of the complaint and the evidence received, the Commission can exercise the powers of civil court to issue summons for witnesses or records.

If an accused is found guilty, the Commission holds the power to impose penalty, which is a deduction of two days’ salary for each day of delay in providing information, or a fine up to the maximum of PKR 50,000 for other offences.

As destroying any record is a punishable offense according to law, therefore, anyone who willfully destroys or otherwise obstructs access to information that is subject to an RTI request, or internal review, or complaint to the Commission, is committing an offence punishable with imprisonment for up to two years and/or a fine not less than PKR. 10,000.