Key functions of the Punjab Information Commission are to: 

  • Disposal of RTI Appeals against the functions of Public Information Officers (PIOs),
  • Issue directives to public bodies for preservation, management, publication, publicity and access to information,
  • Issue directives to public bodies to pro-actively disclose the information through their websites, 
  • Prescribe the procedure for accessing information from a public body,
  • Advise and provide support to the Government to make laws and procedures for implementation of RTI,
  • Advise the Government to annul laws and rules contrary to the spirit of RTI Act 2013, 
  • Provide technical and other support to the public bodies for effective enforcement of right to information,
  • Conduct trainings of (PIOs),
  • Undertake mass awareness campaign for RTI law,
  • Establish an information web-portal,
  • Compile easy to understand user handbooks in Urdu and English for public at large,
  • Compile guidelines for use by the PIOs,
  • Preparation of Annual Reports by 31st August every year and to lay before the Provincial Assembly through Government.