Possible Decisions

The head of public body will take any of following decisions and inform you:  

  • Agree with (confirm) the decision of the Public Information Officer
  • Modify the decision of the Public Information Officer
  • Reverse the decision (i.e. order that information should be given to you)
  • The head of the public body could also order departmental action against the Public Information Officer concerned if he is found to be negligent in the performance of his duties under the law

Punjab Information Commission

Exercising the powers of a civil court, the Commission can issue summons for witnesses or documents, enforce attendance of persons to give evidence, examine and inspect information and so on. 

The Commission can uphold the decision of the public information officer, or it can uphold the complaint and order the public body to disclose the information. The Commission can also impose penalty or fine on officers, who delay, wrongfully deny or provide wrong or misleading information.