Proactive Disclosure

The Government of Punjab is already working on proactive disclosure of information. The Punjab portal provides information about different departments and key government services at one place. All departments are working on their individual websites in line with the RTI law, supported by the Punjab Public Management Reform Program. Some of the departments which have completed their Proactive Disclosure are listed below:
International best practices in RTI implementation suggests that every public body should appoint a senior official to oversee RTI implementation, develop RTI systems and procedures, and train public officials.  
The different actions that are to be taken by any of the public bodies are to be in accordance with the below listed timelines:
  Tasks  Timelines
  Designation of Public Information Officers 60 days after the effectiveness of the Act 
  Proactive disclosure   As soon as possible
Record management
To be determined by PIC
  Submission of annual RTI report to PIC Augest 31