Guidance for Information Seekers

Some information is being proactively disclosed by the Punjab government and private bodies (that receive substantial government funds) through their websites, which is available for everyone.     
For requesting other specific information, a Pakistani citizen or a legal person (company registered in Pakistan) can submit RTI request to relevant department of the Punjab government and private bodies (that receive substantial public funds).  
Status of proactive disclosure in Punjab
The Government of Punjab is currently working on proactive disclosure of information.  The Punjab portal provides information about key government services and different departments at one place.  All departments are working on their individual websites in line with the RTI law, supported by the Punjab Public Management Reform Program.  Click here to view the list of departments which have completed their proactive disclosure.

Tip: As a best practice, before submitting RTI application, check if your required information is already provided by the public body through its website.

Information about public service process, fees, timetable, etc. can also be requested by calling Citizen Contact Center in Lahore.