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June 24, 2022

Any complainant can trace his/her complaint from website (

June 08, 2022
  • Section 2(f) of the Act defines the “information” which can be subject of RTI Act 2013. It reads as under;
  • ...
what is rti?
Right to information (RTI) is the right that you have, as a citizen, to access information from your government and private bodies that receive public funds. RTI is based on the principle that information belongs to the people.
why rti?
Under Article 19-A of the Constitution, RTI is a fundamental right in Pakistan. RTI is also considered important to empower citizens, ensure transparency in governance, and improve public services by facilitating public participation and oversight.
complaint procedure
If you are not satisfied by the reply to your application then you have every right to lodge a complaint against the concerned body
frequently asked

Who can apply for information?

Any citizen of Pakistan or an organization registered in Pakistan can apply for information under the Act.

Which departments or institutions I can seek information from?

You can seek information from any department, attached department, organization, institution, court, tribunal, commission, office, board or a body established or funded by the Government of the Punjab.

Can I access information from private institutions or organizations?

You can access information from those private institutions or organizations, which are substantially financed by the provincial or a local government

How do I know who is the PIO in a public body and how s(he) can be contacted?

You should call any office of the relevant public body or visit its website to find out about the PIO and his/her contact details. You may also find contact details of the PIO on the website of the Commission.

What should a person do who is illiterate or disable and can’t write an application?

A person who is disable or illiterate and can’t write an application, s(he) should approach the relevant PIO, who is duty bound under the law to provide necessary assistance to such a person.

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